Bratislava Bus Tour & Sightseeing

This excursion starts by a bus drive to the Bratislava Castle – Bratislavský Hrad with a unique view over both parts of the city. After a short break the tour continues, passing the Presidential Palace, into the very heart of  Europe´s youngest capitol for a walking tour (approx. 2 Hrs.). Including spots like St. Martin´s Dome, where the empress Maria-Theresia was crowned, this excursion uncovers Bratislava´s rich history while introducing a modern city with its vibrant athmosphere.

Duration: approx. 3,5 Hrs


The Carpathia – Malé Karpaty

Starting by a bus drive, this excursion takes the guests to the hilly area of Carpathia through Modra, Senec and Pezinok – the old royal towns, to the Castle of Red Stone – Červený Kameň. The inside viewing of one of Slovakia´s most remarkable castles is accompanied by a historical overview (in English/German). The tour continues to Pezinok for a visit to the local ceramics manufactory, and to St. George (Svätý Jur) for a wine tasting in one of Carpathia´s finest wine regions. Return to the ship through unknown parts of the city allows the guests to discover Bratislava´s other face. Overall, the tour offers a unique opportunity to visit one of Slovakia´s oldest regions with its traditional local culture.

Duration: approx. 5 Hrs


Bratislava & Carpathia Full Day Excursion

This excursion starts by a bus drive to the area of Small Carpathia through Modra, Senec and Pezinok – the old royal towns, to the Castle of Red Stone – Červený Kameň. The tour continues by an inside viewing of the castle in English/German followed by a bus drive to Pezinok, for a visit to a local ceramics manufactory and to St. George (Svätý Jur). Here, a wine tasting is prepared for the guests, followed by a traditional local lunch. In the afternoon, a return to Bratislava city follows for the city tour and sightseeing. Overall, the tour offers a balanced experience of Slovakia´s traditional culture and its modern capitol city.

Duration: approx. 8 Hrs

Bratislava Walking Tour

The tour takes the guests through the cosy city centre of Slovakia´s capitol. Including spots like St. Martin´s Dome, the opera house, St. Michael´s Door, the Main Square and the Town Hall, this excursion offers a fantastic opportunity to discover Bratislava´s athmosphere with its vibrant streets and lanes.

Duration: approx. 2 Hrs


The “Oldtimer” City Tour

Drive in a historic mini train from the early 1900´s through Bratislava´s central walking zone. This tour passes all major sightseeing spots with historical overview in the desired language.

Duration: approx. 1 Hr


“The Goose Feast”

This unique excursion is not commonly presented to tourists, but is a well maintained local tradition for centuries and a must for all gourmands.  It takes the guests to a traditional country restaurant offering a great cultural and culinary experience

Duration: approx. 4 Hrs


Folklore Evening

This evening is brought directly on board the ship, offering a wide variety of Slovak folk music and dance in traditional costumes. Selection of local fruit-spirits is offered during the performance for tasting.

Duration: approx. 1,5 Hrs


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